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Web Rebot is leading service provider in industry. The strength and growth come only through constant effort and struggle.


Web Rebot leading IT consulting firm that provides tailor-made IT solutions and services for various industries that span a large number of industries such as India, the US, Britain and Australia. The company specializes in IT Solutions, end-to-end execution of the project and Managed Services. Web Rebot's expertise through its collective experience across different continents, Where we deal with multinationals and local businesses. This allows the company to understand the highly qualified team of professionals in a better way to help us meet business solutions and services on time without last-minute issues.

We are a team of professional specialists who use the exact time required to completely satisfy the customer with the result at the end of the project. We offer a range of services, such as e-commerce solutions for the retail trade, the development and design of web pages, web analytics, optimization of search engines (SEO), social media marketing and graphic design. Each campaign is created through a rigorous and thought-through process so that a complete digital medium (data carrier) can be delivered at the end. Our team is made up of creative designers and strategists who understand the needs of the customer and then implement and advance them through an action plan. The customer gets a complete package solution in the usual quality that is in line with the reputation of his brand.One of our key competencies is that we offer a number for “business solutions” that are directly related to your business size. We also offer our support for “home-knit” solutions when the current budget is limited. This segment is already widely used in our company.

Who we are

Our qualified team members
Sameer D Mehta
Founder & CEO
Sameer D Mehta founded Web rebot in February 2012. He was initially inspired by mixing design, usability and technology to achieve the best user experience for business. Our rapid growth as an independent agency is characterized by its corporate vision, values ​​and ethos. He wanted a variety of disciplines under one roof and offering record: from digital transformation, branding and marketing to user-oriented design and web technologies.

Rahul Ahuja
Co-Founder & COO
As co-founder and chief operating officer Rahul Ahuja was a key figure that is the consistent, fast growing not only our agency but also the care of our key customers. With a broad knowledge of the technical SEO, Digital and Marketing Strategy, Rahul Ahuja formulated innovative, integrated solutions that meet the most complex digital strategies and commercial requirements.

Shahnawaz Alam
Senior PHP Developer
As our back-end developer Shahnawaz Alam is constantly working to improve the existing solutions and develop fully tested products with the latest (and best!) Technologies on the market. He is a full stack developer, designing, encoding and testing websites. He is proficient in a range of different programming languages that include PHP, Java and Javascript. A flexible developer and quick learner, he’s used plenty of CMS and programming frameworks throughout his career.

Himanshu Thakur
Web Designer
First, he acted as web designer for Web rebot. His experience includes a variety of projects: print layout, exhibition design and medical publication, e-design, front-end web design / development and social media marketing. He likes to create for the user and design feedback directly from them - to work hard to repeat and produce the best experience.

Vishal Kumar Srivastava
Software Developer
Vishal Kumar Srivastava has diverse expertise, from project management to practical development. He started as a software developer at Web Rebot.