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Web Rebot is leading service provider in industry. If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.

Is your site userfriendly?

We work with you with a design that will appeal to you and your target audience. Of course, we pay attention to existing designs of business-critical documents and integrate the logo on your website fully into your corporate style. In order to make your website as effective as possible, we work with the latest presentation techniques that enable the visitors of your most important information quickly and easily.


This is to optimize your website for all screen formats. Whether phone, tablet or desktop, displaying your page fits perfectly on the screen size of the terminal. We recommend you to your website and programs, because more people surf the web using mobile devices than with a laptop or desktop PC. This trend will remain, so invest in the future now.


Not only Apple's Retina display, but other manufacturers are now on high-resolution screens, not just television. By using vector graphics as much as possible, we make sure the light of the experiences on these screens is sharp. Another advantage of vector graphics is that they do not consume much space resources and thus do not affect the load time of the website.